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Hydraulic Folding Doors - Ken Rosewall Arena


The Ken Rosewall Arena project is a complete end-to-end project by ARA Manufacture and consisted of total design to manufacturing and installation of 24 completely steel-framed and glazed, operable hydraulic doors spanning 12m x 3.6m each door. Surrounding the iconic new-look Ken Rosewall Arena, home to the GIANTS Netball Team. The doors are completely versatile and adaptable to any opening and are the ultimate door solution to provide ventilation and protection from the elements, cutting glare to the sportspersons on the court, and most importantly can operate under fire trip in the event of a fire.


The overall size of doors spanning 12m x 3.6m and the overall location of installation and deadline was a significant challenge. Due to the doors’ sheer size, they had to be pre-glazed on the ground to ensure safety and the best solution possible. The doors were then installed 10m off the ground and further standard glazing after the install incurred a significant increase in time of installation.