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Monarch Renlita Hydraulic Single Leaf Door - Bunker House

The Bunker House was a project by FutureFlip is a luxury coastal escape, located in Gerringong on the NSW South Coast (around 90 min drive from Sydney). The site is located behind Werri Beach and enjoys an amazing view.

The Bunker House was a very exciting project for ARA Manufacture and presented a unique opportunity for ARA Manufacture with our Monarch Renlita doors to showcase our Monarch Renlita Hydraulic Single Leaf vertical folding door in a high-end residential property. These doors are typically used in a commercial space where aesthetics are just as important as function, so it really lent itself to this high-end residential project.

The clients’ requirement for the door was to maximize the clearance space of their garage to allow clearance for a taller vehicle while blending the door into the aesthetics of the facade but still allowing for the incredible view to be seen from inside the space whether the door is open or closed. And due to its engineered design, the door is also providing an additional 3m of covered usable space all year round.

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