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215 Adelaide Street end-of-trip facility

CLIENT Hassell
LOCATION Sydney Australia
SECTOR Commercial

Multi-dimensional end-of-trip facility

Investa’s new skyscraper at 60 Martin Place is a landmark in many ways. Costing $1 billion to build, it’s 33 levels tower above historic St Stephens Church, and add an impressive new dimension to Sydney’s famous Martin Plaza.

Our installation was a large, multi-dimensional end of trip facility (EOT) with a total of over 500 lockers. Our work comprised of 76 communal lockers, 192 male change room lockers, 186 female change room lockers, 32 male and female staff lockers and 24 staff lunch lockers. A combination of P2 and PS2 hanging lockers were installed, constructed of Laminex ‘White 200 Silk’, giving a clean semi-gloss look. Each locker was numbered via custom black vinyl signage. The Loqit smart lock system was chosen, allowing programming across the lockers in both shared and dedicated user modes.

Each bank featured seamlessly slatted Tasmanian Oak bench seating. To provide a cleaner overall look, shoe shelving was enclosed via a door also finished in Laminex ‘White 200 Silk’. Within each locker, anti-theft hangers were provided along with a blue Normann Copenhagen pocket organiser, designed to hold smaller personal items.

Towel storage units and matching airing stations were also installed in the Laminex material, featuring Elfa storage drawers fixed into the cupboards, with a cutout to connect with extraction systems.

Throughout the project we coordinated closely with the joinery contractor to ensure our work blended seamlessly with theirs. The result is an incredibly clean, fresh and functional facility that enhances this impressive Sydney landmark.