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390 St Kilda Road end-of-trip facility

CLIENT Studio 103
LOCATION Melbourne Australia
SECTOR Commercial

Clean, minimalist space incorporating 46 lockers, bike racks and repair station

Corporate tower 390 St Kilda Rd wanted to upgrade their end of trip facilities to cater for a growing number of tenants choosing active transport to and from their workplace.

To meet the challenge, Lockin built a clean, minimalist locker space incorporating 46 lockers, plus bike racks and a bicycle repair station. In the male and female change rooms, we installed our PS2 model, finished in Laminex ‘Milkwood’ laminate. In the bike parking areas, 20 matching P2 lockers were installed. The lockers were finished with a black code lock and matching square number tag.

Architect Studio 103 customised our PS2 lockers from the standard. Rather than using slatted timber, the integrated bench seats and shoe shelves were finished in the same ‘Milkwood’ laminate as the lockers. The same finish was also used on wall paneling and cubicle partitions, establishing a highly polished feel for the entire facility.

Our partners Leda SecuraBike provided the finishing touch, with floor and wall mounted black bike racks and a bicycle maintenance station. The black bike racks contrast the light lockers and complete the end-of-trip facility by the Lockin team.