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452 Flinders Street end-of-trip facility

LOCATION Melbourne Australia
SECTOR Commercial

Steel, glass and timber

Designed to co-ordinate with the high-end industrial design of the lobby at 452 Flinders Street, these end-of-trip facilities exude light and space.

Our fit-out included 238 PS2 lockers fitted with Ojmar OCS lock, and finished in striking Laminex ‘New Graphite’ and ‘Zincworks’, against a black Melamine carcass. Attached were slatted bench seats and integrated shoe shelves, with kickers finished in a black mirrored laminate and bulkheads from painted MDF. To complete the space, Lockin also built and installed an ironing board, towel storage, and airing units.

The end result is a perfect marriage of industrial fixtures, steel, glass and natural timbers – and a facility that offers clients a good looking, fully functional environment to prepare for the workday, or ready for the trip home.