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Rest end-of-trip facility

CLIENT Gray Puksand
LOCATION Melbourne Australia
SECTOR Commercial

Equilibrium is ‘a state of rest or balance due to the equal action of opposing forces’

Our brief for superannuation fund Rest was to contribute that aesthetic of restfulness and work/life balance for their employees’ end of trip facilities (EOT) at their Bourke Street offices. In essence, the EOT experience was aimed at replicating a day spa environment, allowing their team members to feel revitalised and refreshed, and ready for the day’s activities.

We installed a total of 441 PL2 hanging lockers, constructed of Laminex ‘Natural Walnut’, each locker featuring custom routered ventilation slots. Lockers were grain matched with accessible bulkheads, and fitted with Gantner smart locks, able to be programmed to either shared or dedicated modes depending on each user group.

Within changing areas we installed ottomans with integrated shoe shelves, also constructed of Laminate ‘Natural Walnut’ with upholstery in Kvadrat-Maharam fabric. Airing cupboards were matched with the same Laminate finish, and featured anti-theft hangars, and Elfa storage drawers fixed into cupboards. Ventilation holes were routered in the doors, with a cutout at the top to connect with extraction dehumidifiers. Also installed were ironing board cupboards and a towel storage unit, plus storage for shoes.

Project managers Knight Frank describe the final effect as a ‘fresh yet calm contemporary aesthetic’. We can only agree.