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Gametime is stressful enough, with custom sports lockers the locker room feels more like a sanctuary.

Custom sports lockers are built for sporting club change rooms, from amateur to professional level. They are an ideal solution for the secure storage of clothing, shoes, equipment and sports gear. From custom team rooms to local sporting clubs Lockin can create sports lockers for any space.

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About custom sports lockers

What are sports lockers?

Sports lockers come in a range of different sizes and are designed to store clothing, bags and valuable items while players are out on the field. With ventilation to allow for better airflow sports lockers reduce the odor that can arise from storing damp clothing and equipment in a confined space.

Who are sports lockers for?

Sports lockers cater to those involved in any type of sporting or physical activity. At Lockin, we provide individuals with safe and secure sports lockers to store their belongings so they can focus on reaching their next personal best, not on where they are going to store their wallet, keys, phone and sports bag. From an amateur level sporting club to professional league team rooms Lockin can customise the perfect locker for your club.

What are the benefits of sports lockers?

Sports lockers are the perfect solution to store clothes for a quick change before, during or after a game. With their unique design involving ventilation and optional germ-resistant materials, sports lockers are also beneficial in preventing the spread of germs caused by sweat and humidity.

How do I choose the right sports lockers for my space?

Start by understanding your end-user and what their locker needs to do. For some it’s hanging clothes, for others, it’s storing bags and charging devices. Then try to match our base range to their needs within the space you have.

If you need some help, our team has created over 500 locker spaces Australia wide. Our experience means we have the smarts to design and build products that will maximise your available space, without sacrificing usability and functionality.

Can I customise my sports lockers?

Yes! We’re pretty chuffed with our base range of lockers. They’re good looking, functional and full of great, practical innovations to make your life easier. Starting there might give you some great ideas, standard sizes and an easy solution for your storage needs. But if you’re looking for something different, we’re ready to get creative with you.

Thinking about curved lines? Done. Need something taller, wider or a little more to the left? No problem. Our hi-tech manufacturing facility allows us to customise our products to an unlimited range of needs and options.

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