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Waterproof lockers

With waterproof lockers, cannonballs and rust are the last things you’ll have on your mind when sitting poolside. Waterproof lockers are essential in situations where the locker will be exposed to water, steam or high humidity such as leisure centers with chlorinated pools. Our standard lockers are resistant to low […]

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Studio lockers

The meditation shouldn’t end once class is out,unwind with studio lockers designed for calm. Studio lockers are designed for fitness centers and wellness studios including yoga, pilates, cycle or dance. With a range of features such as electronic locker locks, USB charging and shelving and hanging space. Our studio lockers […]

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School lockers

Easy, accessible and spacious school lockers means young minds can focus on learning not cramming textbooks. School lockers provide secure storage for books, iPad, laptops and bags, freeing up students to learn while their belongings are safe and sound. Lockin school lockers are the perfect addition to any innovative, open […]

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Office lockers

You can’t fit everything under your desk,clear up some legroom with our flexible office lockers. Office lockers are a great storage solution for the workplace. They give employees the flexibility to move around the office while they are busy at work. Employees use office lockers to store their personal items. […]

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Gym lockers

No more wrestling bags into miniature cubbies. Get gym lockers that let you focus on reaching your personal best. Gym lockers provide secure storage for members and guests that need somewhere to store their sports bag, clothing and gym gear while they’re working out. With a variety of locker sizes, […]

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Custom sports lockers

Gametime is stressful enough, with custom sports lockers the locker room feels more like a sanctuary. Custom sports lockers are built for sporting club change rooms, from amateur to professional level. They are an ideal solution for the secure storage of clothing, shoes, equipment and sports gear. From custom team […]

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Change room lockers

On-the-go, from home to work, work to gym, gym to work, work to home… let us create change room lockers that fit your life. Change room lockers are lockers positioned in a variety of locker spaces including gyms, leisure centers, sports and recreation, workplaces or end-of-trip facilities. Depending on the […]

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Lockers for everyday and every situation. We do small and cozy, eccentric and creative and top-of-the-line and luxurious. Lockin designs, crafts and installs wildly customizable locker spaces that’ll take your breath away. Don’t know what you want quite yet? Explore some of our favourite spaces to work in. Office lockers […]

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Metal clad doors

ARA Manufacture custom makes more than 16 different metal clad doors with a variety of ratings from fire, bio-containment, attack, bullet, and blast resistance. With specialised designers and tradespeople in our Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne factories, ARA Manufacture designs and builds a range of metal clad doors to suit […]

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Industry Specialisation

A part of the ARA Group, ARA Security has a strong focus on safety, quality and risk management. Our experience in meeting the expectations in the government, corporate, defence and financial sectors makes ARA Security the ideal choice for any commercial or industrial security project.



ARA Manufacture’s expert engineers custom-design and tailor-make an extensive range of doors, windows and other systems to suit the unique needs of our clients and for specialty industries.



ARA Manufacture’s range of industrial doors and windows and security solutions are designed and built with toughness to endure Australia’s most demanding conditions.

ara-sector-High security

High security

In the most critical situations when the highest level of security is required, ARA Manufacture’s rigorously tested physical security solutions provides clients peace of mind.



ARA Manufacture works closely with commercial clients to provide high-quality doors, windows, shutters and grilles to keep commercial spaces secure and aesthetically appealing.