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High Security

In the most critical situations, our rigorously tested physical security solutions offer peace of mind.

Doors and Walls
Our attack, bullet, and blast resistant doors are tailored to offer the highest possible standard of physical security in any situation.

Counter Protection & Windows
CBros and Sealeck counter protection solutions include anti-jump barriers, pass-throughs, rising screens, and shutters, while our window systems offer a variety of bullet and blast resistant glazing options..

Prison Systems
We offer a range of durable, pre-fabricated CBros cell doors, modular cell fronts, bars, and grilles to meet the needs of any correctional facility.

Sealeck Logo

Since 1985, Sealeck has combined innovative design and cutting-edge technology to develop their large range of Commercial, Industrial, Bio-Containment, and High Security door and window systems, which come with a widely-recognised assurance of quality.

CBros Logo

For over 30 years, CBros has been developing and rigorously testing turnkey physical security products, offering peace of mind to our most sensitive properties, such as embassies, police stations, prisons, and banks.